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Virtual photo of
© Stéphane Compoint
Virtual photo of "Florida" and "Cuba"" of the "World". Located 4 km from the coast, this enormous off-shore site is a group of 300 small artificial islands laid out to represent our planet’s continents and main islands. Each island will cover 2 to 8 hectares and will be 50 to 100 meters from its neighbor. Surrounded by an oval dyke, the archipelago will span a width of 8 km and a length of 6km. The embankment work should be finished at the end of 2006. The sample island and its villa are surrounded by North America and Greenland. Below, North America and the ridge of the Andes mountain range face Africa. Asia is coming along nicely but Europe, South East Asia and Oceania have barely emerged. The “France” island will have a surface area of 4 hectares. The “Australia” island has already been sold to a Kuwaiti real estate company. The “Spain” island has already been sold to Spanish brand name “Zara” owner. Each island is sold between 7.5 and 36 million dollars depending on its surface. The entire project has cost nearly 2 billion dollars.

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