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  High def files

 To order high-resolution photos for publication (20 x 30cm format, 450 dpi) : 

1.   Look up the fee category which interests you («Press», «Books», «CD-DVD») –for other media, please consult us-.

2.   Look up the website’s «Terms of Use».

3.   Click on the «Features» icon, then click on the features you are interested in or type the keywords into the «Search» box.

4.   Click on the icon for each photo you wish to select.

5.   Each photo you select is automatically transferred to the «Basket».

6.   Once you are finished with your selection, click on  «Basket» (at the top of the page or on the Homepage).

7.   When you are in the «Basket» menu, you can look at, delete or add photos in your selection. 

8.   To confirm your selection, click on the  icon (at the bottom right of the page).

9.   Fill in the spaces in the «Professionals» category.

10.   Check the boxes (if you do not wish to, please explain the reasons in your message).

11.  In the  «Message» box, please give :
       - your name
the name of your publication
       - the number of copies of your publication
       - the print format of the selected photos

12.   Click on the  icon     : your order will be sent as an email to the photographer and to his agents, Jeanne Propeck or Michel Jourdren (France).

13.   The agent will get back to you by email to confirm the terms and fee of your order.

14.   Write an email back to the agent to confirm the terms of your order. This email will then be transferred to the photographer.

15.  The photographer will send you an email with the zip link: click on it to download the photos (jpeg quality 10, file between 3 and 6 Mo).

 PS : If you need photos within 24 hours, please call the photographer or his agent (See  "Contacts"). 

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